Has God Really Said?

In the Garden of Eden the enemy got his foot in the door by asking the woman, “Has God really said…?” That question put enough doubt in her mind to allow him to chip away even more at truth. Eventually he convinced her that God was lying to them. Slyly he made truth the lie and the lie truth. And just as slyly, he convinced her the lie was what she believed. Because she didn’t stand strong on what God had said, she eventually agreed with the enemy.

Through the centuries his tactics have not changed. Because our focus is marriage, we see the Church consistently falling into his trap in this area. Just ask any average Christian about divorce and remarriage and you will hear what he or she believes. Very seldom will you hear what God says.

The enemy has asked the Church over and over again, “Has God really said…?” until few today know what He really has said. On so many topics Christians know what they believe. They state their beliefs with great conviction and object to those who challenge them. They quote others who believe the same as they do as if sheer numbers confirm the truth of their words.

Now the enemy has escalated his battle to a higher level. He not only has encouraged many to believe what they feel is truth, but has now convinced them that it is hate speech to not agree with what they believe. What they believe is truth and anyone who challenges their truth has to be unloving and hateful. Their truth is their only absolute and is only subject to change as they “expand” their interpretation of it.

Since the beginning, though, God has said and His words still stand. They are not altered for convenience or by trends or cultural bias. His word does not change when it seems too difficult to obey. He does not modify what He has said when society relaxes its standards. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. [Hebrews 13:8] He is the Word made flesh. His love for us took Him to the cross to atone for our sins, but never once allowed Him to excuse them.

Regarding marriage, the enemy is asking, “Has God really said…?’ Has He really said He hates divorce? Has He really said that marriage between a man and a woman is the earthly reflection of His relationship with the Church? Has He really said that remarriage while your spouse is still alive is adultery? Or has what man believes and says changed what God believes and says?

The Church cannot stand strong against the enemy’s attack on marriages because the words believed and spoken by so many are not what God says.

When we alter the truth about marriage as God created it, we lose the ability to stand for truth as God has spoken it.

Generation after generation has grown up in a Church that has believed lies regarding what God says about marriage. Now when the truth is spoken it is considered harsh, legalistic, and hateful. Is that any different than the world’s reaction to truth?

It is time to live marriage as God designed it and to honor His covenant even when it is tough to do so. The enemy has destroyed one marriage after another because so many believe it is God’s will to end it. As long as the Church clings to opinions and beliefs instead of the Word of God, our marriages are going to remain easy targets. It is time to wake up, Church. Love, Marilyn

“He who is the Glory of Israel does not lie or change his mind; for he is not a human being, that he should change his mind.” 1 Samuel 15:29

Author: Marilyn Phillipps

Married 49 years, we have three children and six grandchildren. My initial career of nursing prepared me to work with marriages that are wounded and in need of healing. For 35 my husband and I have led 2=1 International, a ministry to marriages and families around the world. We have seen miracle after miracle when many had given up hope.