A New Voice, A Different Path

Several years ago the enemy viciously attacked our family for the second time. Our son-in-law chose to divorce our daughter after 17 years of marriage. Even though she did not want the divorce and believed they could work on the marriage together, the no-fault divorce laws of our state sided with his desires, not hers.

When someone we love goes through the pain of divorce, every cell of our being wants to help take away the pain. And for Cristine’s it was doubly painful. Not only did she bear the personal trauma and pain of divorce, but as part of a family that stands so strongly for covenant, she also felt shame and failure. In the midst of abandonment and betrayal, she was also grieving her sense of “letting us down.” I remember tearful conversations we had together – both of us admitting to feelings of failure. For her it was the divorce and for us it was the inability to help save a marriage so close to our hearts. The enemy laughed in our faces a good deal during those days.

We wrestled through many conversations and confrontations in those hours – each one of us hurting in a different way and trying hard to understand the other’s hurt. Eventually together we reached a place of surrender to the Lord. For her the journey of healing was beginning and for me it was the realization that this was her life and journey and not mine. Our role was to support her in love and prayer as she walked her own path.

I have always been a fighter, especially when it comes to the enemy’s attacks in our lives. It was hard for me to realize this was not my battle. Everything in me wanted to fight it. I wanted to put the sword in Cristine’s hand and teach her how to wield it. But her journey was not mine. Instead of fighting, she surrendered – surrendered her pain to the Lord’s healing, surrendered her brokenness to His strength, surrendered her hurt to His forgiveness, and surrendered her marriage to the past.

Gradually, step by step, we began to see healing return to her life. It almost seemed to me like feeling returning to a limb that has “gone to sleep.” Life trickled in at first and then began to pulsate within her. The sparkle returned to her eyes and determination set back into her jaw. Joy and laughter that had been gone for so long came easily again. And yet she was not what she used to be. Something had happened on her journey and she was changed in a most beautiful way. She was now soft clay on the Potter’s wheel.

I share all this to say that God is now leading Cristine to share her journey with others. The enemy’s attack on marriage and family has left so many wounded and even crippled on the battlefield. I believe Cristine has been called to help heal a mighty army of wounded warriors who will emerge in the strength and power of the Lord. I can see where my zeal to fight has often been too much for those wounded in the battle for the home. Cristine’s gentle love and compassion speaks to broken hearts in such a powerful way. I know what is flowing from her heart will bless you.

I recommend to you Cristine’s journey that is now being shared in her blog:  https://extraordinaryexchange.blog/