Dancing with the Lord

Last night at our Bible study we were studying Elijah and how he moved so powerfully in the Lord. It was as if he and the Lord were in total unison.

After the study was over, I sat for a while thinking back to the days when I stood for our marriage. At first I had been in shock and so wounded that most of my prayers were just to help me survive and get through the day. Little by little I moved into “shotgun” prayers where I prayed about anything and everything I could. I hoped that something would hit the target.

As time passed, though, and my own healing progressed, I began to hear the voice of the Lord more clearly. No longer did I shoot prayers out hoping that something would work. I learned to hear His voice, to move as He directed me to move, and to speak as He directed me to speak.

I reached that place in my life because I was desperate.

Back then I could see nothing good in that desperation, but now I know it was the most powerful impetus in my entire life. That desperation brought me to a place of craving God in a way I had never known before. I wanted to know Him intimately, to know His very thoughts and feelings. I wanted to move in unison with Him as two dance partners glide across the floor together.

Today, too often, I take that intimacy for granted. Although I still long to know Him more, it is harder to find time to dance with Him. Even now as I write this, I can sense that longing within me. There is nothing that can compare with that powerful oneness with Him.

Is there desperation in your life now? Let it be the force that propels you into intimacy with Him. Lose yourself in Him. Let Him become the very air you breathe. Let everything else around you, all the cares and the crisis, melt away in His presence. Surrender to His peace.

In that stillness, listen for His voice. To be sure, there will be times when His words bring direction or insight to you as you stand, but first learn to hear His words of love. Too often we come to Him with our list of needs. Let this be a time for relationship, for conversation, and for love. He knows your needs and while you may think they should be met one way, He may desire to bless you in an entirely different way. Let go of all expectations and just let Him love you.

He is a lover you can trust. He will never leave you or forsake you. Let Him help you pick up the pieces and show you what true love is. There is a time for warfare and a time for miracles, but first we must learn how to dance! Love, Marilyn

“A time to weep, And a time to laugh; A time to mourn, And a time to dance.” Ecclesiastes 3:4