And They Said It Wouldn’t Last!

Today we are celebrating our 43rd anniversary! We are so grateful to the Lord for all He has done in our lives. We know that without Him, our story would have ended much differently.

The hours, the days, the weeks, the months, and the years of standing sometimes seem to stretch on endlessly. I remember thinking that maybe nothing would ever change. It was in those times that I needed to remember that I was being obedient to my marriage vows, not working to bring my husband home.

My heart and my obedience were my responsibility. Michael was God’s. It is sometimes easy to begin believing that what we do or say will have a direct and immediate effect on our spouse. If we just say the right thing at the right time or do just the right thing, our spouse will respond and we will be reconciled. It is at times like that we need to remember that God is working in both of our lives and we can only be obedient for ourselves. Trying to be our spouse’s Holy Spirit never works. Believe me, I tried.

I used to think also that so much time was being wasted. It was taking too long and too much of my life was passing by. All I can say is, I was astounded by how the Lord redeems the years. He is a God of miracles and one of those miracles is how He multiplies the fruit of a stand. The harvest is astounding!<

So today I encourage you, don’t give up! Keep your eyes on Jesus, not your spouse or your circumstances. Give the Lord your watch and your calendar and start living in His timing. Keep your eyes fixed on His plan for you and rejoice in each new day He gives you. Let Him bless you with His daily grace and mercy. Let Him fill the places of your heart that long for love. Each day, each hour, enjoy Him and you will be surprised how fulfilled your life will be. Your spouse is not your source, the Lord is.

Today as we celebrate, we thank the Lord for all He has done, not only for us and for our family, but for all the lives He has privileged us to touch in His name! The battle is truly worth it! Hold fast to His promises. Love, Marilyn

“The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.”  1 Thessalonians 5:24

Author: Marilyn Phillipps

Married 49 years, we have three children and six grandchildren. My initial career of nursing prepared me to work with marriages that are wounded and in need of healing. For 35 my husband and I have led 2=1 International, a ministry to marriages and families around the world. We have seen miracle after miracle when many had given up hope.

4 thoughts on “And They Said It Wouldn’t Last!”

  1. Thank you! I am standing and ignoring her comments. I know she is not in control, but sin is. I am standing and doing my faithfull part as a good father of our 3 teenagers. She will come to see I am the new man she is seeking. I am praying for the Lord to get back into her heart. Whe she again finds Jesus's love, only then do I know she will see me in her heart again. Gene

  2. Thank you for your testimony of what God has done in restoring your marriage. As He has spoken very clearly to me it is His battle, not mine, I'm to stand and see the deliverance He will bring 2 Chronicle's 20. I've been standing for 27 months and we have mediation Monday. So your message was great encouragement to continue being obedient regardless of circumstances. This is the first time I've seen your site -Thank you so much!

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