The Children

Walking through these past months with our daughter’s divorce, we have once again been reminded of the toll divorce takes on children. Our constant prayer is that our grandsons will walk ever closer with the Lord and will come through this time of their life stronger in Him.

Through the years we have watched so many men and women standing for their marriage who have had to endure painful situations regarding their children. Our own children were wounded deeply when the enemy attacked our marriage. Many of those wounds took years to heal, so we know the pain that a divided home brings. The song Broken Pieces by Steve and Annie Chapman says it all.

We know that the enemy is after those young hearts and that circumstances can become very dark. We have once again been convinced, though, that just as with standing, one parent can bring peace and stability into their lives in the midst of the storm.

Some standers deal with the total rejection of their children by their spouse. Others deal with sharing the children between them. Both situations have blessings and challenges. Whatever your situation, remember that you have authority over the enemy who is fighting to destroy your marriage and family. If you walk in a place of peace and joy in the midst of the storm, your children will be blessed by that too.

I remember one time during my stand that I prayed and gave my children to the Lord. I then saw a vision of Him standing there with His arms around them. What a blessing it was to see them in His care. Suddenly, though, He turned and began to walk away with them. “Where are you going with my children?” I asked Him.

He turned to me and said, “I thought you gave them to Me. If that is true, I can take them where I wish.

I realized that I wanted the Lord’s protection over my children, but I wanted control over where they went and what happened in their lives. It became very clear to me that day that if I were going to trust Jesus to care for them, I had to let go of my hold on them and trust that He would care for them no matter where they were or what they faced.

Children’s spirits are not small. Their spirit man is “full grown” and can receive from the Lord the same as any adult. In fact, in many cases children can receive even more because they don’t have as many mental barriers as adults do.

The Lord is reminding me again of all that He shared with me as I pray for my grandchildren. No matter what they face, I must trust the Lord to keep his hand upon their hearts and their minds. They are His and He can care for them better than anyone else. May they learn to be strong warriors in His army during this time of training! Love, Marilyn

“But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14